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    Weightless in 100

    A Peak Performance Program Like No Other. Weightless in 100 takes a dedicated tribe of 6 individuals through a grueling process of mind-body transformation over the course of 100 days.

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    Tom Fazio's Weightlessness Manifesto distills the spectrum of key principles and tools that lead to mind-body integration and peak performance.


    Herein lies the essence of nutrition for health and performance, strength, flexibility, meditation, and energy development that I've used to transform leaders and mind-body enthusiasts from around the world for the past decade in Shanghai, China. You might consider this a concise 25 page user manual for your body and mind.


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    In Pursuit of Power, Presence, and Peak Performance


    The Art of Unburdening

    Tom Fazio's peak performance system Weightlessness is a no nonsense approach to rapid mind-body development. By unburdening ourselves of the weight we carry, both in body and in mind, we are free to live with power and purpose.


    Training Options at www.weightlessness.co

    Art of The Sash

    Enter the Flow

    Tom Fazio's long and short sashes are ideal tools for developing awareness, agility, and a fluid, adaptive mind. Practice of The Sash requires a meditative mind. There is no better tool for becoming fully present, sensitive and aware.


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    Martial Arts

    Power and Confidence

    Tom Fazio's martial arts curriculum is based on fundamental principles of structure, sensitivity, and self defense. It offers the perfect balance between philosophical and martial depth, and practical application.


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    Transform your body | Unburden your mind | Be weightless

    Weightlessness Training

    The Art of Unburdening - by Tom Fazio

    Weightlessness is Tom Fazio's original mind-body integration and peak performance methodology. While instilling a foundation of strength, health and mental focus, Weightlessness is designed to remove tension from the body, stress from the mind, and unburden us from all that holds us back in life.


    Foundational Weightlessness training is an evolving, prescriptive theory of development that integrates prime movers of strength, flexibility, meditation, and nutrition. Advanced Weightlessness training is categorically different from anything else in the mind-body domain, and is termed "Lightness", due to the profound sensations of physical lightness and a psychology of focus and freedom that emerges.


    Weightlessness is a modern, surgical solution for navigating uncertainty in life with power and grace.


    Be Weightless.


    In-Person Tribes | Weightlessness Remote | Corporate

    For training options - www.weightlessness.co


    Buy 'In Pursuit of Weightlessness - A rogue trainer's secret's to transforming the body, unburdening the mind, and living a passion-filled life' on Amazon.

    Art of the Sash

    Tom Fazio's comprehensive soft weapons curriculum

    Tom Fazio's 'Art of the Sash' is the most comprehensive soft weapons system available to serious practitioners. After 20 years of soft weapons study under warrior monks and self defense experts Tom has innovated his own system that spans the spectrum of technical possibilities, drawing from rope dart and meteor hammer techniques for long range shooting, chain whip and nine segment lash techniques for intermediate whipping and striking, and drawing from sarong fighting, classical kung fu, and hapkido rope techniques for close quarter locking, controlling, choking and binding. The sash is as deadly as it is aesthetic.


    The Sash is perhaps the most potent tool for bridging physical performance with meditative awareness. We might call this the precipice of flow. The sash requires the practitioner to be as fluid and adaptable as the weapon itself, constantly present and alert to the momentary changes in environment, weapon, and Self. Few tools give immediate feedback if mindful awareness of the present is lost. The Sash is meditation.


    Tom introduced the Sash within the context of modern soft weapons training that has breached the world of classical soft weapons as well as the artistry of modern poi.

    Martial Arts

    Innovative, modern solutions for self defense and self-development.

    Tom Fazio, self-defense expert and martial artist of 30+ years, teaches his own curriculum based on fundamental principles of structure, sensitivity, and self defense. Technically a mixed martial art, Tom's unique system draws from the strongest of striking, locking, and self defense systs to arrive at an art that offers the perfect mix of philosophical and martial depth, as well as practical application.


    Tom's career in martial arts spans decades under dozens of experts around the world in a variety of disciplines. He's studied empty hand striking under masters and grandmasters of Taekwondo, Karate, and Muai Thai in the United States and Thailand. He's studied traditional kung fu weaponry and qigong in China under Shaolin protector monks. And he's studied practical self defense with military combative instructors and professional MMA fighters. Tom was the first to introduce practical women's self defense workshops to Hong Kong and Shanghai, China.


    While he holds black belts in several martial arts, Tom believes that rank and lineage distract from the essence of martial arts training. Though his system is progressive, there are no certifications that qualify someone for the harshness of the streets, or the uncertainty of life. One must develop confidence and self sufficiency born of consistent hard work and dedication to the craft.

  • Testimonials

    Tribe 1 on '100 Days of Weightlessness'

    The first tribe of Weightlessness describes their experience after a grueling 100 days of pain and glory. 

    Personal Training Testimonials

    Testimonials from the early days of Enso Temple - Fashion and Fitness Lounge.

  • Learn and Grow

    Books and Dvd's by Tom Fazio

    In Pursuit of Weightlessness

    A Rogue Trainer's Secrets to Transforming the Body, Unburdening the Mind, and Living a Passion-Filled Life

    If someone told you the path to unburdening your body and mind requires more weight, would you listen? In Pursuit of Weightlessness is a journey through the trenches of mind-body fitness. Tom Fazio explores principles of peace, power, and enlightenment under the iron fists of Shaolin monks, high on hallucinogenic mushrooms, amid unexpected homelessness, and through random dice-dictated experiments. See Full Description of Weightlessness on Amazon!

    Here Now Breathe

    A Weightlessness Story by Tom Fazio

    From the Back Cover:

    Here Now Breathe is a story about the challenges we all face, big or small, and a reminder that the secret to being strong and weightless in life is already within us. Purchase Here Now Breathe on Amazon.

    Art of the Sash - Volume 1

    The Foundations of Flow - The Long and Short Sash

    An hour and forty minutes of tutorial demonstration by Tom Fazio. This DVD explores the foundations of ALL soft weapons and flow arts through Tom's own innovations - the sash dart and sash whip. Techniques include foundations of the rope dart, meteor hammer, chain whip, fire spinning and poi. Purchase Art of the Sash - Volume 1 on Amazon.

    Art of the Sash - Volume 2

    Soft Weapon's Self Defense - Short Sash Fighting, Locking, and Grappling

    An hour and twenty minutes of soft weapons self defense principles and applications. Note that this is highly advanced training and isn't appropriate for people looking for quick and dirty skills. This is for serious martial artists who want to learn the finer points of soft weapons. It consolidates techniques found in Hapkido rope and scarf defense, Sarong fighting, and White Crane Kung Fu intercepts. Purchase Art of the Sash - Volume 2 on Amazon.

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    NOTE! If you have purchased one or both DVD's from Amazon and left a review, you can purchase sashes below at a 30% discount! I'm in this game to share what I know with people who love the craft. If you're invested in deeper learning, I'm invested in you! Contact me before ordering if you've left a DVD review for the discount.

  • About Tom Fazio

    Tom Fazio is a peak performance trainer, a martial artist of 25 years, a published author, and founder of the mind-body integration system Weightlessness.


    For years Tom has been one of the most sought after personal trainers and body transformation specialists in Shanghai, China. His no-nonsense, unorthodox approach to mind-body training has made him an effective catalyst to extreme transformation among those who have found no success with conventional methods. After publishing "Weightlessness" in 2014, Tom committed fully to the development and propagation of his mind-body system Weightlessness by way of committed peak performance programs with small tribes of high performing individuals - entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, and fitness experts.

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