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  • Are you passionate about being a better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today, and tapping your potentials? And you tired of the effort-regression cycle that accompanies most approaches, and want a taste of real and lasting breakthrough?


    I support leaders, coaches, and mind-body enthusiasts to greater resilience, skillful presence, and personal peak performance...


    ...in less time and with extraordinary precision. From goals to results, you walk away with not only the breakthroughs, but a method that you can own for life.


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    Tom Fazio's Weightlessness Manifesto distills the spectrum of key tools and principles that lead to optimal mind-body performance – the essences of nutrition for peak health, strength training, flexibility, mental freedom and energy development.

  • Mind-Body & Martial Arts Training

    Weightlessness (Mind-Body) Training

    The Weightlessness Process by Tom Fazio

    Weightlessness is Tom Fazio's mind-body peak performance methodology. While instilling a foundation of strength, health and mental focus, Weightlessness is designed to remove tension from the body, stress from the mind, and unburden us from all that holds us back in life. This is a gritty, pragmatic, true to life developmental process that delivers.

    Learn more about Weightlessness (Mind Body) Training and The Weightlessness Process.

    Martial Arts

    Innovative, modern solutions for self development and self defense.

    Tom Fazio, self defense expert and martial artist of 30+ years, teaches his own curriculum based on fundamental principles of structure, sensitivity, and self defense. Technically a mixed martial art, Tom's unique system draws from the strongest of striking, locking, and self defense systems to customize individual developmental tracks for students. Learn more about martial arts personal training.

    Art of the Sash

    Tom Fazio's comprehensive soft weapons curriculum

    Tom Fazio's 'Art of the Sash' is the most comprehensive soft weapons training system available to serious practitioners. After 20 years of soft weapons study - including time under warrior monks and self defense experts - Tom has innovated his own system that spans the spectrum of technical possibilities, drawing from rope dart and meteor hammer techniques for long range shooting, chain whip and nine segment lash techniques for intermediate whipping and striking, sarong fighting, classical kung fu, and hapkido rope techniques for close quarter locking, controlling, choking and binding. The sash is as deadly as it is aesthetic.

  • Testimonials

    Weightlessness (Mind-Body) Training Veterans

  • The Weightless Trilogy

    by Tom Fazio

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    In Pursuit of Weightlessness

    The Origin and Philosophy of Weightlessness

    A Rogue Trainer's Secrets to Transforming the Body, Unburdening the Mind, and Living a Passion-Filled Life.

    Amazon Page: In Pursuit of Weightlessness

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    The Essence of Lightness

    A Roadmap to Peak Performance and Self-Mastery

    One Part Fiction to Two Parts Non-Fiction, This Hybrid Work Contains the System and Philosophy of Weightlessness!

    Amazon Page: The Essence of Lightness

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    Law of the Die

    Can Good Luck Be Designed?

    A Novel About Uncertainty, Chance, and the Power of Randomness for Crushing Obstacles and Creating Opportunities.

    Amazon Page: Law of the Die

  • Enjoy a Live Reading!

    Here Now Breathe

    A Story About Managing Emotions Through Mindfulness Meditation - For Children

    Here Now Breathe is a story about the challenges we all face, big or small, and a reminder that the secret to being strong and weightless in life is already within us.

    Purchase Here Now Breathe on Amazon.