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    Tom Fazio's Soft Weapons Curriculum

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    Art of the Sash - Volume 1

    Flow Foundations - Rope Dart / Chain Whip / Meteor Hammer - Whipping & Shooting

    An hour and forty minutes of tutorial demonstration by Tom Fazio. This ONLINE COURSE explores the foundations of ALL soft weapons and flow arts through Tom's own innovations - the sash dart and sash whip. Techniques include foundations of the rope dart, meteor hammer, chain whip, fire spinning and poi.

    See Art of the Sash - Volume 1 course details HERE.

    Art of the Sash - Volume 2

    Soft Weapon's Self Defense - Short Sash Fighting, Locking, and Grappling

    An hour and twenty minutes of soft weapons self defense principles and applications. Note that this is advanced training and isn't appropriate for people looking for quick and dirty street skills. This is for serious martial artists who want to learn the finer points of soft weapons. It consolidates techniques found in Hapkido rope and scarf defense, Sarong fighting, and White Crane Kung Fu intercepts.

    See Art of the Sash - Volume 2 course details HERE.


    Tom Fazio's Soft Weapons System



    The sash dart and sash whip are Tom's modern interpretations of the classical kung fu rope dart, meteor hammer, and chain whip. While these sashes are built for whipping and shooting, they can be adapted to close quarter fighting - intercepting, locking, and controlling.


    Tom's 'Art of the Sash' is the most comprehensive soft weapons system available to serious practitioners. After 20 years of soft weapons study, including mentorship under under warrior monks and self defense experts, Tom has innovated his own system that spans the spectrum of technical possibilities, drawing from rope dart and meteor hammer techniques for long range shooting, chain whip and nine segment lash techniques for intermediate whipping and striking, and drawing from sarong fighting, classical kung fu, and hapkido rope techniques for close quarter locking, controlling, choking and binding. The sash is as deadly as it is aesthetic.


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