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  • Learn the Sash with Tom Fazio

    Foundations of the Whip, Rope Dart, and Meteor Hammer for Fitness and Personal Growth


    Tom Fazio is the innovator of the sash dart and sash whip, his modern interpretations of the classical kung fu rope dart, meteor hammer, and chain whip. And while these have martial arts applications, they're also INCREDIBLE fitness tools, and super fun! They're a perfect practice for general fitness, fat loss, coordination, concentration, agility, and mind-body connection.


    Limited Offer: 40% Discount:


    I'm not long back in the USA and want to share the sash with more people. To launch this effort, I'm offering discounts for new students / clients!

    • 10 private sessions: $650 (65/person/per session)
    • 10 semi-private 2 person sessions: $800 (40/person/session)
    • 10 semi-private 4 person sessions: $1000 (25/person/session)

    Packages include complimentary Thai silk sash!


    Contact me for groups / workshops / seminars that don't fit the above.

    Children older than 10 can learn (with 4 or more students), but liability wavers are required. You'll be learning with lacross balls as weight (or lighter sand bags of your own construction), and you'll likely get wacked / bumped a few times in the learning process. But we do learn progressively to minimize accidents and grow skill.


    Terms / Conditions:

    • Sessions are held outdoors, in lakewood. I can accomodate other locations for an additional fee.
    • No stand-ins or replacements if someone is absent - missed sessions are forfeited.
    • Sessions cancelled with less than 6 hrs notice are forfeited, barring reasonable circumstances.
    • Sessions begin on time. If the client is 15 minutes late without a courtesy call, the session is forfeited.


    Interested in Mind-Body Performance Training or Martial Arts / Self Defense Training?

    Peruse other Denver Personal Training options, but don't close this tab with the limited offer if you're considering it. It's not in the general site navigation, and won't be accessible if you close the tab!


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